Welcome to the
Noble County Catholic Churches
PSR page
To assist you as parents and students.
We have created links to videos
to help you with each of the lessons.

By clicking the grade,
you will find the
schedule for the 20/21 year.

The video links will be to the right,
and if we find some extras,
they'll be at the bottom of the page
for your use.

We have proposed a schedule
for each grade level that you may follow.  
This schedule encompasses the 20/21 year
(October through April).  We would encourage
you to use this schedule, but you may also
desire to change or add to the schedule.

As a norm there will be one
lesson a week.  We have included three
optional video lessons on weeks where we have
given a break for you as a teacher.
These videos lessons are short online videos to
help broaden our students.