RCIA - Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults
Here is 2020,
as with all things in
2020, we are trying
a new approach
to RCIA.  

We will be having
the majority of our
classes via ZOOM.  

Currently we are
getting started,
and this is what we expect:  

*  One Class together a Month
* 1/2 Hr YOUTUBE classes to be done via link below
* ZOOM Class
* 15 minutes of Prayer and Reflection on Scripture
* 1/2 Hr discussion and presentation
* 15 minutes or less of roundup and prep for next wk

Please review the DRAFT schedule.

Hope to see you all on September 9th @ 6pm
@ St Stephen Church:  1036 Belford St.
RCIA is a journey in faith.  The classes
that are presented on these pages can
not instruct you in how to be a
Christian, but are meant to help you
develop the faith that God has already
planted in you.  None of the presenters
are the top of their field, but they are
willing to share the faith that they have
with any who are willing to listen.  Faith
and the formation of this faith within us
is a life long endeavor.  We as a team
hope that we maybe able to help you
find out how God is calling you to be a
member of the Roman Catholic
Church, but even more a dedicated
and loving Christian.