PSR - High School
Lesson One - pg 15
The Revelation of
Jesus Christ in Scripture
Our Desire for God pg 15

Who is God? pg 18

The Revelation of God
through History
pg 26

Jesus & Sacred Scripture
pg 31

Overview of the Bible
pg 3

Scripture in the Life of the
 pg 48
Lesson Two - pg 61
Who is Jesus?
All because of
Jesus pg 61

Faith in
Jesus Christ pg 67

Life in Christ pg 76

Jesus reveals the
Holy Trinity pg 89
Lesson Three - pg 101
Paschal Mystery:
The Mission of Jesus Christ
Living Gospel pg 101

The Fall & the
Consequences pg 104

Tracing Salvation
History pg 112

through the
Paschal Mystery pg 121

He is Risen! pg 131
Lesson Four - pg 143
The Church:  Christ's Mission
Continues in the World Today
A Source for Truth pg 143

What is Church? pg 147

The Mystery of
the Church pg 158

The Marks of
the Church pg 164
Lesson Five - pg 187
The Sacraments of Christ
Sign, Symbol,
Sacrament pg 187

The Sacramental Nature of
Christ and the Church pg 191

Sacraments of
Initiation pg 199

Sacraments of
Healing pg 222

Sacraments at the
Service of Communion pg 231
Lesson Six - pg 245
Our Life in Christ
Radical Discipleship pg 245

Our Vocation to
Beatitude pg 249

Challenges to a
Life in Christ pg 253

Sources of
Life in Christ pg 260

Living a New
Life in Christ pg 272