Corpus Christi
223 Main St
Belle Valley
St Stephen
1036 Belford St
St Mary Immaculate
43700 Fulda Rd
St Michael
44935 Carlisle Rd
The Noble County
Catholic Parishes are
four of the five Catholic
Parishes in Noble
County Ohio.  They are
under the pastoral
care of Rev. Wayne
Morris and Rev.
Chester Pabin,
Parochial Vicar.  
Noble County is in the
Diocese of
Steubenville, and
under the care of
Bishop Jeffrey

As a Community, we
strive to bring the light
and life of Jesus Christ
into the hearts and
minds of people.  We
know our sinfulness,
but we also know that
God is a merciful and
gracious God who
pours forth his graces
day after day to those
who do His will. We
invite you to come
and worship with us
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Mass on
To help those not able to
come to Church.  
Boxes like the one pictured
here have been placed at
all four parishes.  These
boxes are located at:

CC—Alley handrail
behind Church
handicap handrail
handrail of Church
SS—Beside office door
Fr Chet retires on July 1, 2021.  To this end, the four Parish Councils have discussed how to best
serve each Church and not “kill” our priest.  (this is the same basic schedule as published from
the March 10, 2020 Parish Council Meeting).  

Please review this tentative schedule and if you have suggestions or concerns, please contact
your Parish Council Representative.  

Parish Council Members are:
CC—Polly Dimmerling, Larry McKee, Brian Miller, Janet Duch, Kris Schoeppner
IC—Bob Ostroski, Mary Margaret Hill, Levi Fogle, Tony Steed, Anne Watson, Megan Saling
SM—Tom Archer, Ashely Rich, Dave Warner, Janis McVicker, Andrea Hall, Mark Johnson
SS—Rachel Konkler, Herman Gray, Joe Schott, Beth Delancey, Joe Archer, Linda Ruppel, Jeff

Saturday’s—4pm IC & 6pm CC
Sunday’s—9am SS & 11am SM

Option 1 – (FWM proposed)
          Tues — 8am SM
                  Noon SS
          Wed— 8am SS
                  1pm NCI
          Thur— 8am IC
                  Noon SS
          Fri—8am SS
                  (Advent/Lent—Noon SS)
Option 2 – (Council original)
          Tues – SS
          Wed – NCI
          Thur – SM
          Fri – IC

Vigil—5:30pm IC & 7pm CC
Day—7:30am SS, 5:30pm SS & 7pm SM

Vigil — Dec 24
4pm CC
6pm SS
8pm SM
Day — Dec 25
Midnight IC
9am one year SS next IC

Vigil—4pm CC, 5:30 SS & 7pm SM
Day—9am IC

Masses—7:30am SS, 1 pm NCI & 5:30 IC
Lay lead services—5:30 SS, 6pm SM & CC

STATIONS OF THE CROSS (priest lead one wk, lay the other)
7pm Thur SM & CC
7pm Fri SS & IC

HOLY WEEK—Stays the same
Holy Thursday—float IC or SS
Good Friday—9am NCI by Priest
  Noon Fulda Walk – no priest
2:30 CC Stations by lay person
3pm SM GF Service by Priest
7pm SS GF Service by Priest
Holy Saturday—float IC or SS

EASTER—Hire priest & keep same schedule
7:30 & 9am SS, 9am IC, 10:30 SM, & 11am CC

WEDDINGS—All wedding begin at 1:30pm or earlier
R E G U L A R   S U N D A Y
Mass Schedule

4:00 at St Mary, Fulda - in Hall
5:30 at St Stephen, Caldwell - in Hall

8:30 am at St Stephen, Caldwell - in Church
9:00 am at St Mary, Fulda - in Church
10:00 am at Corpus Christi, Belle Valley - in Church
10:30 am at St Michael, Carlisle - in Hall

D a i l y  M a s s  S c h e d u l e
St Stephen, Caldwell - in Annex
Tuesday - Friday 8:00 am
as scheduled

St Michael, Carlisle - in Church
Tuesday & Thursday 8:30 am
as scheduled

St Mary, Fulda - in House Chapel
Wednesday & Friday 8:30 am
as scheduled